Data Entry FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  1. What is data entry?

    To enter input data format into another data format is called data entry.

  2. How many data entry projects you can handle?

    We have capability to handle small and vast projects with care. We have sufficient data entry professional team, process, technology and infrastructure to manage large number of complex projects at a time.

  3. How do you check your finished data?

    We have quality control department to check completed data. Basically our quality control staff check data every stage of the projects. We also double check our client data after completion of work. We can verify data by manually and also rectification of entered data through electronic comparison.

  4. Will you send sample entries by disk copy?

    Yes. We will send sample data entries by e-mail.

  5. What are the typical payment options?

    We prefer payment by check or directly transfer to our bank accounts

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